Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

One and one half hours walking with my trick-or-treaters. Does that count? I also got in one other good workout this week that I didn't manage to post about. Wii Fit says I am down a pound and a half. Woo hoo!


timpani76 said...

Keeping active is important (like shopping, gardening, and light housecleaning) but it's not usually aerobic since you do a lot of starts and stops so your heart rate does not stay up. Aerobic just means that you burn fat more efficiently.

Good job losing the weight!

lizS said...

walking totally counts! as light workout, like timpani said. i didn't go with my kids because i'm not up to hours of walking yet. hooray for you!

craftyashley said...'s that dang leftover Halloween candy I need to watch out for! Stop calling me, Milky Way! Leave me alone, you pile of Tootsie Rolls!