Friday, October 17, 2008


I broke out the dog again. Poor guy. I was going to get up and get Daniel off to school and then take Superman for his walk and then get on with my usual Thursday stuff (bills, grocery list, shopping). Instead, I woke up to my sister-in-law (who takes D to school in the mornings) sticking her head in my room and informing me it was 7:30 (already?!). So I apologized all over the place and told her I would take D to school. Well, that threw off my groove. I hastily wrote my tithe check (because it has to come first you know) then I wrote a check for D's lunches, and stuffed the wrong check in the envelope and sent it with D to school. I realized it later when I found the lunch check on the edge of the desk. *sigh* Okay, the whole day pretty much went like that.

So I didn't get to walk the dog until after 10:00 last night. I'm also trying to teach him not to tug on the leash, so it was long and laborious, and I think we maybe walked 2000 feet and back. It was taking all night, and I didn't want the neighbors thinking I was casing their houses, so I'll try again some other time. Tonight, I think I'll take a little jog, and if my stomach feels alright I'll try 10 sit-ups. (I'm still really sore from the sit-ups from the day before yesterday.)


timpani76 said...

Here's a link to PART of my Denise Austin video that shows you how to do sit up the right way. Watch the video first, because she shows you the easier way to do most of her exercises AFTER she already starts doing them the advanced way.

The name of the video is Hit the Spot Abs, if you wan to check it out at the library.

She also says earlier in her tape that you want to NOT bring your chin to your chest, pretend you have an apple under your chin, or that you are lifting with your chin being drawn by a string towards the sky.

This video is what I feel helped get past that really sore feeling that I had in my lower belly along my c-section scars.

Hope that helps!

lizS said...

way to perserver mary! i'm so very proud. *sniff* just kidding, but i am proud!! nice to have you back in action!

The Marinator said...

Ah! Thanks T. I'll see if they have it at my library.