Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pulling the Girl Card

So, I started my cycle this week, and having just come off of being sick, this was a particularly brutal blow. I made it through Monday, (barely), but yesterday I just said, screw it! I'm going to be a "wimpy" girl and take the day off! Today is not much better, but I did elect to walk to the vet's office, (about a 10 minute walk), instead of driving. That was of course carrying my 11.2 lb cat plus whatever her carrier weighs both ways. And here's the big news girls; no joint pain. I was exhausted of course, and cursing my overweight cat (she's going on a diet), but other than that, nothing!! Progress! Hurrah!
The Almighty Liz


Trisha said...

Great to hear Liz! Yay for a relatively pain free walk!

BTW, I have a cat that weighs about 20 pounds... if you have any luck putting yours on a diet, please share!

timpani76 said...

Walking with strength training! Hey, that's something ;)

Dana Cheryl said...

Your cat weights more than my weights! Finding the healthier way to accomplish tasks is part of our Svelte lifestyle! Good job.