Thursday, October 9, 2008


Okay, I have GOT to learn that my limits are not what they used to be! We went for a walk tonight. We were gone for an hour, and even at a two year old's pace, and a break at the playground in the middle (I sat on a bench), I am still in pain. Darn it! Darn joints! So, live and learn, and next time we won't go all the way to the playground.
Thanks to Becky and Lisa for popping up the past couple of days! That made me feel much better, like maybe we aren't losing everyone, lol! And like I told Becky; folks, you don't need to feel like every time you post you have to make it interesting, or even more than a sentence. We all know what busy feels like, and we understand kids, and families and work, ect ect. All we're asking is that if you work out, just write us line to let us know. That's all, and no pressure! This is a pressure-free blog! The reason I want you to post is so that you have an obligation and are beholden to someone, so you stay motivated, that's all! We are all about the kudos and the motivation here. :)
Tomorrow, more bike action for me.
The Almighty Liz
P.S. (and personal note) For those of you who don't know, one of our members, Trisha, had heart surgery yesterday. I have not heard if all went well or not, so please keep her in your prayers!! This is just one more thing in a long list of health problems that Trisha has had to conquer, (for more info, just see her blog, she's an amazing person), and we wish her well and a speedy recovery! Lots of love Trisha!


timpani76 said...

Sorry your sore! But you have a cold too right? That could be aggravating the whole joint pain thing from the RF.

Eyepoke said...

oh, that's totally it. i was feeling better though, pretty good actually, and so, of course, i pushed it a bit too far. *sigh* i must learn to pace myself. i must learn to pace myself. i must learn...

Lisie said...

God job, Liz. I sympathize with the achy joints, though I'm sure mine are nothing to yours. My doc says take Ibuprofen before I jog or walk so it will get a head start on keeping the inflammation down.

You seem like you are doing really well, you seem perkier than just a month or so ago.