Friday, October 24, 2008

Thursday- Aerobics+ Abs 1 Hour Friday- Running + Strength 1 Hour

Thursday I did not feel like kickboxing, so I just did some basic aerobic stuff in front of the TV with abs mixed in.

Today- I ran 10 minutes, walked 10 minutes, and then ran 10 minutes again (again 2 1/2 miles). This second run was LOTS easier than the second run last week. I think it might have been because I really focused on stretching my upper thighs this time (the sorest part from my first run). I also wore actual RUNNING shoes that I was finally able to buy.

I came home and did arms and abs for 20-25 minutes in between more leg stretches.
Woohoo! Second time running at 6AM!


Renae said...

Timpani, That's GREAT!! Good for you. You are making excellent progress.

lizS said...

yeah timpani, i agree with renae. you are an animal!