Tuesday, October 14, 2008

DC's Tueday

I went to Curves and worked up a great sweat. Hallelujah I've finally gotten to the point were I want to work out. I look forward to it all day! This is a new thing for me but I love it!

Breakfast: 2 pieces turkey bacon, Greek yogurt w/ granny smith apples, walnuts, almonds, flax seed

Lunch: Lean Cuisine meal

Snack: 1/2 granola bar

Dinner: Chicken Marsala, Green Salad

Dessert: Brownies & fresh strawberries

p.s. I've always had a little bulge on the outside of my thighs. It was so noticable whenever I wore knit pants. Well it's gone! Yay!!


timpani76 said...

Goodbye little bulges, we'll miss you, oh wait, maybe not ;)

Renae said...

Hooray! Hooray!

Renae said...

By the way, about the crunches. I used to work at a fitness club. My job was to show people how to properly use the equiptment. I wasn't a schooled personal trainer, but my boss was. She always said that though you need to take a day off of strength training on all of your other muscles, you can do your ab workout everyday. When you do strength training, you are breaking down the muscles, so you need a day for your body to rebuild them. Hence you can do something like upperbody one day, and then lowerbody the next. However, she said you can do abs everyday. Why? I don't know. She might have explained it to me, but I don't remember.

lizS said...

haha, well there's goes all my advice in timpani's post, lol!! and it's so nice when things start to firm up isn't it?

Dana Cheryl said...

Yes I love firming up! The surprising thing is that I'm firming up in odd places like the outside of my thighs. Usually those are killer to tone. I'll take it!