Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Made a deal

I made a deal with the husband that when he gets home, after we eat dinner, I get to have "me" time. This used to include sitting and surfing the internet. Now I am going to run... we'll see how far I get. Last night, the boss made hubby work super late. We'll try again today- you hear that, UPS? Send my husband home!

But I did get my pilates in.


Eyepoke said...

don't you love those ten minute pilates workouts?! they are the best. good luck on your run if you get to do it tonight. don't overdo, and don't get discouraged. i know somebody who was getting into running, and he started out at 1 min of running, 5 of walking, and built up from there. you're doing awesome!

timpani76 said...

Wow, running already? Have you been a runner before? Good luck!

craftyashley said...

No, I'm not a runner.... and I really genuinely hate running. I just want to run for some reason. Maybe I'll walk, but I don't feel like I did anything after a walk. I guess it is a moot point anyway, Logan is working late again tonight. UPS just doesn't want to cooperate with my exercise schedule!

Dana Cheryl said...

Hi there! I'm sorry I've not said "hi" before now. My church callings kept me mucho busy last week.

So here's a belated welcome to our blog!! :)

I like the idea of running one and walking five. That seems very possible!

Dang UPS! :)