Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday- Running & Strength 1 hour

I woke up bloated from this stupid cold and benadryl, so it made my running all weird. I actually ran faster for the first 10 minutes (making a mile in 10 minutes!), and then I walked for 10 minutes, but I could only run for 5 minutes the second time because I got all cramped from being bloated. Still, I covered the same distance in 30 minutes as usual due to running faster the first time. I think I will have to plot out a 3 mile course today because I might be able to make 3 miles in 30 minutes next time!


Renae said...

whoot whoot!

lizS said...

and so yet another runner is born. what is with you people? don't you know that running is CRAZY?!

timpani76 said...

It is crazy, in a cool way though ;)

Good parts about running (so far)--you get instantly warm so cold does not bother you as much, the workout "high" also hits sooner, and lasts all day (except today since I have this obnoxious cold), getting up early does not seem to bother me as much (what the heck? that never happens!), I get my exercise out the way first thing (without kids, which is the best part of getting up early), and finally finding a pair of fitness shoes that fit my fat feet (which I may have found eventually without running, but looking for running shoes sent me on this online search, and that is where I discovered that most brick and mortar stores do not carry athletic shoes for girls like me with wide feet).

Bad things--Getting out of bed is the hardest part, low blood sugar always makes bed seem better to me, running is harder than other exercise I have done, running scares me just a little because I'm afraid of falling more than with walking, running also scares me just a little because I am a heavy girl and I'm afraid of my knees exploding (it could happen!).

I'll keep you guys updated on the ups and downs of this little journey of mine as I learn more!

craftyashley said...

Watch out with the benadryl! That's how my Mom broke her nose! She got a bit off-balance and fell smack on the floor. Cheap nose job? LOL