Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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I was rather busy last week, so I had a bad week exercise wise. I ran 4 miles with my sibs in Nauvoo which included some hills.

I ran today with the medium group. We ran 4.5 miles with the Challenge of the Bluff hills added in. Let me tell you, we have some MEAN hills around here. They are called bluffs, and running up them is not fun!

Then I had a COLD shower. Miserable. Our water heater broke. Getting a new one today.


Becky Stucki said...

Cold Shower does not sound like fun. Hopefully you get your water heater fixed today.

lizS said...

oh ugh, i feel your pain. ours broke in peoria last january. we were without hot water for like a week and a half i believe it was. NOT fun. at all. good luck, and i hope you get a hot shower soon! oh, and good work with your run, that's awesome! you are making super good progress.

timpani76 said...

When our hot water heater went out, I would run the water like a bath, and just soap up with a washcloth while standing in front of it. I call it a "sponge bath". Less cold water one me that way!

Good job getting your exercise in on vacation!